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Trump Ignores Obama's Warning - @midnight with Chris Hardwick By: Comedy CentralPublished: 9 months ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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mrJYjelly 9 months ago
Is everything that involves funny going to be political! I understand that some people are obsessed with politics & will always say, "You should care"! Well some of us want a place to go that doesn't bring it up.

Squirrel Master
Squirrel Master 9 months ago
So, I'm watching tonight's show (May 10th)... And for fuck's sake, Hardwick... Enough already with the Trump jokes. Really. YOU AND YOUR WHOLE PANEL SOUND FUCKING STUPID. Like seriously intellectually lazy. This show used to have some highlights, but for crying out loud... now it's just trash. Really. It's really trash. To the point that my opinion of all who appear on that show has lessened. The only explanation is that you're being blackmailed or extorted in some way, because you can't honestly be this douche baggy.

the creative man, the machine man
where can i find that dodgeball video? also this show has always had political jokes. they talk about weekly pop culture events and politics have always been included in comedy with pop culture. not sure why so many people are confused by this. 😕

theplourde 9 months ago
Dweezil Zappa should be on more!

leepakim 9 months ago
is this a new show? Looks like Joparty

Ugh caveman
Ugh caveman 9 months ago
When the fuck did Comedy Central start with social politics? Really, really? Fuck you guys, you get a thumbs down.

WelcomeToThe92503 9 months ago
ahhh haaaaaaa *Normand voice*

Uncle Ryan
Uncle Ryan 9 months ago
last time I was this early I prevented a circumcision

Ja mma
Ja mma 9 months ago
Last time I was this early this joke wasn't even a thing

Ja mma
Ja mma 9 months ago

Conductive AJ
Conductive AJ 9 months ago

tom mcmillan
tom mcmillan 9 months ago

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