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Joe Budden - Rhyme and Reason: I Gotta Ask By: VevoPublished: 1 year ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Kamissa Sissoko
Kamissa Sissoko 3 weeks ago
Call Joe budden PUSSY

G Singh
G Singh 2 months ago
If a nigga hatin call him Joe Budden 👀

IAmWeideman 2 months ago
If a Nigga hatin' call him Joe Budden (Pussy)

Gigiloslim1994 2 months ago
Weak Jay-z rip off

Donkey Waffles
Donkey Waffles 2 months ago
He's gorgeous.

Aaron Lil
Aaron Lil 3 months ago
Fuck Migos!!!

Jackie Brazell
Jackie Brazell 3 months ago
Vevo bitin Complex! Either way I love these things

Lime yours
Lime yours 4 months ago
He looks so effable

Nathaniel Pitzer
Nathaniel Pitzer 4 months ago

MzReddMusicLIVE 4 months ago
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Nina Colon
Nina Colon 4 months ago
when everyone in the 90swas dope#facts

Anthony Viglotti
Anthony Viglotti 4 months ago
crazy how much he knocks mumble rap when he cant rhyme for shit and has similar simplistic rhymes

Anthony Viglotti
Anthony Viglotti 4 months ago
strait trash

Treven Wright
Treven Wright 4 months ago

Nicole Papp
Nicole Papp 5 months ago
So awful. I thought I was in Willy wonkas wack rap factory and I'm fuckin white you tool

mando18 6 months ago
Low key think this dude is gay. Always talking about women always... In a way tho as if he exaggerating a lie maybe? Idk who took psychology lol

EDP's Dad
EDP's Dad 7 months ago

Travis Bonner
Travis Bonner 7 months ago
You wake bitch I never like you hate migos you bitch

alibi smashoker
alibi smashoker 8 months ago

KoimaLechoN 8 months ago
but u not that good.

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