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Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events Review By: IGNPublished: 1 year ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Lollyczyk 1 week ago
So excited for season 2!!!

Ivan Rico
Ivan Rico 8 months ago
i just dont get it . the show plays put like a bad dream where nothing goes goog and you wake up mad

R2BEATZ2 8 months ago
why is it that in most every tv show thiers a man dressed as woman what has happen to tv

MrRocksmith101 9 months ago
It's pretty shit. To be honest

Alejandro Borque
Alejandro Borque 9 months ago
the theme song was right, this show will mess you up.

EstrellaMew 10 months ago
that creepy symbol isn't in the books it's in lemony Snicket's autobiography which is the symbol representing his dance u didn't know that

Linalool E31 Studio
Linalool E31 Studio 11 months ago

doni ellenberg
doni ellenberg 11 months ago
u have to have a certain humor to enjoy this show, with all the irony and obvious jokes done on purpose I love this show

leftymu 12 months ago
Tbh I think Neil ruins this series, and I don't think he comes across as a very good actor; he isn't playing Count Olaf, he's playing himself. The comedy definitely needs to be taken down a couple of pegs, it makes the series seem a bit cheap.

kat S.
kat S. 12 months ago
am i the only one thats not feeling it? i can't stop comparing it to the movie. i loved the actors from the movie, the atmosphere that was created . just everything. this feels so different and wrong :(

Jid Jip
Jid Jip 1 year ago
Neil Patrick Harris's character was pretty bad. The explaining the meaning of a somewhat "big" word gag got old very quickly.

DramakilzU 1 year ago
Okay, I like the show for the most part, but what was with the boat scene in Lacramose lake where Violet was able to make a fire using light from a lighthouse that was refracted into binoculars that was miles in the air above them traveling in an airplane, and that light managed to stay centered on the spectacle. Plus magnification doesn't travel in a beam, it travels in a cone, so how was the beam produced by the binoculars even possible?

Z A 1 year ago
The intro to the movie means just what it says, the show is basically about Olaf trying to get the kids fortune, as they are passed down from people to people.. it ends the same way it began him trying to get the fortune at a new place.. don't mean to spoil it but rather save yourself the time and bad ending!

Nick Of All Trades
Nick Of All Trades 1 year ago
I remember reading the books when I was younger and they were really surprisingly dark. while I've rather enjoyed the series they definitely dumbed down the dark Gothic tones of the books and replaced them with something much goofier. For example, in "the bad beginning part 2" sunny escapes the birdcage by beating olaf's henchman in......5 card stud? Good show but could have been much better if they took it more seriously. 7/10

ZenodudeMC 1 year ago
Guess you can really say it's a "bad beginning"

Lisanti __
Lisanti __ 1 year ago
this show is perfection, I literally finished it in one this show

Daniel Claggett
Daniel Claggett 1 year ago
I loved how close to the books the show sticks. For anyone who has not watched the show yet, after the first two episodes the show gets a lot better.

Zae Flex
Zae Flex 1 year ago
The Miserable Mill was the best part, The Bad Beginning was also great....Reptile Room was good and The Wide Window was meh.....

HopeAuq 1 year ago
This series came out on the 13th. There are 13 books and the books ended 13 years ago. Coincidence?

HopeAuq 1 year ago
As a massive fan of the books (currently rereading them) I am so glad they didn't mess this up

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