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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix By: NetflixPublished: 1 year ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Pauline_The Piggyhorn13
Every single word from the tv show is the same in the books

Sophia_ Galaxy 17
Sophia_ Galaxy 17 2 weeks ago
I love this series! It's ironically funny and it follows the books closely. The actors totally nailed their parts! And the whole crew did a marvelous job

Fazntic 05
Fazntic 05 2 weeks ago
I can already tell that the original movie is greater than this charlie and the chocolate factory-themed one. C'mon Netflix, you could better than that!

Philipp Meyer
Philipp Meyer 2 weeks ago
this series is a masterpiece, i love it

The Ludwig Gamer
The Ludwig Gamer 3 weeks ago
Who remembers the original movie?

Survivors League Playz
What is that song at 1:27 called?

CharcheezLoL’s World
The movies are probably WAY funnier then the books

Zeniada Guzmán
Zeniada Guzmán 1 month ago
Omg I love this book series and I'm crying tears of joy rn because there is a movie

Nosy Becker
Nosy Becker 1 month ago
"We know what... parished means." -Claus 2018

Emma Terrier
Emma Terrier 1 month ago
This show is LEGEND wait for it.. DARY ! LEGENDARY

Madame Kuriosa
Madame Kuriosa 2 months ago
So much of 666-symbolisms and the illuminati eye..-.-

Me Myself And I
Me Myself And I 2 months ago
“ I bought this hour glass online so you’ll have to flip it a few times.” Ü HAHAHA

Teletinsh 2 months ago
Damn, count Olaf needs to call hgtv VERY BAD

keily m
keily m 2 months ago
Agan que le historia termine feliz

Raggle Daggle
Raggle Daggle 2 months ago
Now I suddenly appreciate Jim Carrey's character and acting even more.

UNKNOWN PERSON ! 2 months ago
I can’t wait for season 2!

Friday We Are Awesome
Friday We Are Awesome 2 months ago
That harpoon gun comes back and hits home 😭

Hassan Amjad
Hassan Amjad 2 months ago
"I am Count Olaf, your new guardian and I'm going to teach you how to live!"

AuroraLights 2 months ago
0:56 "strangers? where?" i laughed. this guy is the best character in the whole series.

Jada Leopold
Jada Leopold 2 months ago
So. Anyone else think the boy looks like matpat??????

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