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The Game Calls Nicki Minaj A Bitch And Tells How Meek Mill Snitched On Safaree By: ALL URBAN CENTRALPublished: 1 year ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Isha Maldonado
Isha Maldonado 3 days ago
It's funny because I remembered Game taking alot of L's when he first started with the dating shit being a male stripper being a fake blood faking a coma getting a face tatt and alot more lol #dontforget

country thug pimpz
country thug pimpz 6 days ago
you've scene it

Belle Femme
Belle Femme 2 weeks ago
@7:00 a lot of sexy right there......ok proceed on...

Kilo Mcferren
Kilo Mcferren 2 weeks ago
On life sentences but not catch chewd boi

james silva
james silva 3 weeks ago
Everybody's a blood and it just rediculous

james silva
james silva 3 weeks ago
Meek Mill has won all battles

Brittney Walker
Brittney Walker 1 month ago
Nicki deserves so much more than she been getting

Talia Seays
Talia Seays 1 month ago
👀. Saffree. Video. He. Be. Jameing. 👀💓💓💓💓💝💓💓💓U. Saffree. 👼

Christine Whinnery
Christine Whinnery 1 month ago
Owww kingston got a death wish.....stop tha patwah u stink

Christine Whinnery
Christine Whinnery 1 month ago
No u not a rapper u a poptart.....imean popstar

Bad Capricorn muzik channel
The man is a Jamaican by blood!!! Big up Kingston!! Don't forget he's buju banton nephew...

Anton C
Anton C 2 months ago
Public clown acts end up in the circus bra heap

Shawanna White
Shawanna White 3 months ago
Wuts up with Safaree forehead damn lolll😂😂😂

Xklusiv Tees
Xklusiv Tees 3 months ago
Yesssss why meek didn't try run up on Game FOH #pussy. Pick on someone your size ha ha ha sit your ass in jail

Sean Wright
Sean Wright 3 months ago
Sean Kingston u is a bitch u don't know street code u ain't from the street u is clown game will beat your fat ass u just a sucker fat coon ain't know one buy your music u getting sued by jelrey stores i u rich bitch you broke v come to Baltimore

Philly EAGLES 3 months ago
Safaree such a kid tho

Talia Seays
Talia Seays 3 months ago
Safaree. Is. Fine. I'm. In. 💟. With. Him

Aminata Sall
Aminata Sall 3 months ago
Why Sean Kingston can't look at the camera ?

she lied
she lied 4 months ago
Neva admit to getn popped over the head wit a bottle & robbed for your jewelry sean kingston

raineseville Moulton
raineseville Moulton 4 months ago
Game you a gal man you if left out man an women business you a man Mi love you but left nicki an the boy

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